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They don't know what you're doing
Babe, it must be art
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8th-Jun-2006 05:36 pm - FRIENDS CUT;;
i know i am going to be really extreme right now.. but..

...it's time for a friends cut. i don't care who you are, whether i know you in real life or not. but if you do not comment to this entry, then you're gone. either you don't read friends entries, don't update your own journal.. whatever.. i'm just tired of having the same people on my friends list who i never hear from.

so this is it. comment or goodbye to you.
24th-Sep-2004 03:20 pm - new journal;;
new journal. first entry. much love. ♥

*Friends Only Banner made by: foryourhead*
-Do NOT use without permission!-
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